“Money Heist : Korea” Actress Jeon Jong Seo Shows Off Her Handsome Boyfriend On Instagram

Couple goals!

Actress Jeon Jong Seo uploaded a picture of her and her boyfriend, director Lee Chung Hyun, on her Instagram.

Jun Jeong Seo | MBC

The actress uploaded the photo to her Instagram and captioned it simply with “hype.” In the photo, Jeon Jong Seo and her boyfriend is seen looking casually at a mirror. The two are seen inside a cafe and exude a down-to-earth charm.

Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyun revealed they were dating last December. The two are reported to have met in 2020 while filming for the movie Call, a project for which the couple would win a Baeksang Award for Best Actress and Best New Director, respectively.

According to reports, the two became interested in each other while filming and began a relationship after the film was released on Netflix. At the time, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency quickly acknowledged the two were dating, stating, “Recently, the two have started dating.”

Jeon Jong Seo is an emerging actress who has been critically acclaimed for her acting. The actor first broke out in her role in the award-winning movie Burning and has since followed up with strong showings in Call, and the Hollywood movie Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, which stars Kate Hudson.

Lee Chung Hyun is an up-and-coming director who garnered acclaim for his directory prowess in the movie Call. The director is also well-known for his idol-like good looks.


Source: SBS and wikitree
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