MONSTA X Began A New Enlistment Tradition And We’re Literally Crying

They’re passing the torch! Or should we say razor?

Leading up to his enlistment, MONSTA X‘s Shownu prepared a series of videos and other types of content for fans while he is away. Recently, the first episode of SHOWNUayo dropped on YouTube, in which fellow member Minhyuk was given a very important job: shaving Shownu’s head!

Right before Shownu entered the military, Minhyuk had actually said he was responsible for the cut, but due to his playful personality fans weren’t sure if he was kidding or not! However, we’d say it’s clear that this video is proof enough.

Shownu: My hair won’t tear off by you or something, right?

Minhyuk: No.

Shownu: Okay… (Minhyuk keeps shaving) Oh, wait.

Minhyuk: Why?! (x10) You look good! You look like you have a two-block hairstyle!

Shownu: Oh, two block…

Minhyuk: Like two-block!

Shownu: Wait… (hesitating) Yeah, let’s go.

After that, Shownu began to do a little bit of touching up while Minhyuk revealed his plan for the future: the oldest member left behind will shave the head of whoever is entering the military next! Then, Shownu will have to do it when they reach the maknae I.M!

Kihyun will do my hair. Okay? Let’s make the younger guys do it! And you’ll do Changkyun’s (I.M’s) hair.

— Minhyuk

[SHOWNUayo] EP.1 헤어샵오픈ㅣwith 의리의 동생들 (Enlistment Behind part.1) | MONSTA X/YouTube
Fans were already getting emotional about this being a possibility before it was even confirmed…

But hearing Minhyuk actually say it brought on a whole new wave of feels!

But when it comes down to it, MONBEBEs are so happy that the members of MONSTA X share a bond as deep as family.

You can watch the entire first episode of SHOWNUayo here: