MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Hilariously Claims He Shaved Shownu’s Head Before He Entered The Military, Lifting MONBEBEs’ Spirits

“He really warmed my heart!”

July 22 has been very emotional for MONSTA X and their fans, MONBEBEs, as the group’s leader Shownu is the first member to enter the South Korean military.

On MONSTA X’s fancafe, Shownu posted a photo of his shoes and another of his shaved head with the caption, “Hahaha, I’ll be back.”

Despite his playful tone in the message, everyone knows that he must be going through a lot right now! Both his fans and his fellow members are already feeling the heavy weight of his absence on their hearts.

Joohoney posted a beautiful photo of a sky telling MONBEBEs to stay strong:

And I.M commented, “I love you hyung” on Shownu’s head pic:

But one member in particular tried his absolute best to lighten the mood with some humor instead – Minhyuk!

As his most recent Naver Now radio episode drew to a close, Minhyuk decided to play the track “I’ll Be There” (which Shownu sang for the Tale Of The Nine Tailed OST) while showing a drawing he made of himself calling out “I love you!!!”

Then, during the ending sequence, Minhyuk exaggeratedly mouthed the words, “I shaved Shownu’s hair!” with an adorable grin!

While it still hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Minhyuk was actually responsible for the shave, MONBEBEs have shared their appreciation for how much love he has shown the older member.

What do you think about Minhyuk and Shownu’s precious friendship?