MONSTA X Clowns Kihyun For The “Lewd” Way He Holds His Mic In Their “LOVE” Music Video

They’re just like real brothers; they can’t stop teasing each other.

MONSTA X is a tight knit group that cares for each other deeply. They also will never miss an opportunity to tease their members just like real brothers.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun, Joohoney, I.M, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

The members of MONSTA X recently reacted to their newly released music video, “LOVE.”  They talked about the key elements within the MV, and while they revealed interesting behind the scene information, they focused mostly on the sexy aspects.

| starshipTV/YouTube  

Perhaps the funniest part was toward the end, when Joohoney decided to point out something viewers might have missed Kihyun doing.

Joohoney asked to rewind the video to the “lewd” part of Kihyun holding his microphone.

| MONSTA X/YouTube 

The part in question featured the members singing with standing mics.

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After reviewing the part Hyungwon agreed with Joohoney, and Kihyun tried to defend himself by saying he was just holding it.

| MONSTA X/YouTube 

As Hyungwon explained it, the problem wasn’t Kihyun holding the mic, but the fact that he went down with his hand little by little. Joohoney asked why he had done that, and Kihyun stated that it is because his hands are small. I.M helpfully added, “It was a crescendo.” 

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Joohoney added, “Even you putting the mic down looks lewd.”

| MONSTA X/YouTube

Kihyun didn’t defend himself further, but noted that during his solo song “VOYAGER” he got quite friendly with the mic stand. Maybe that explains it.

Kihyun in “VOYAGER” | starshipTV/YouTube 

To decide for yourself if Kihyun’s mic use was “lewd” or just him being comfortable, you can check out the music video here!

Source: YouTube