MONSTA X Explains How They Literally Had No Choreography For “WHO DO U LOVE?” Until After The Music Video’s Release

When did they find the time to learn it?!

On August 11, MONSTA X participated in the “Guess That Song In One Second” challenge with popular YouTube channel REACT!

As per the rules, the members divided themselves up into two teams to try and figure out which one of the group’s songs were playing after watching only one second of its music video.

MONSTA X Plays Guess That Song In One Second (K-Pop) | REACT/YouTube

When the first clip played, Kihyun was immediately able to guess the correct answer: “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” The rest of the guys were a bit surprised about how fast the pace was and joked about how the point shouldn’t count because it was “just a practice round!”

| REACT/YouTube

Once it was settled, the host asked them if they had any specific memories associated with the song, to which the MONSTA X members had an interesting response.

I.M: Didn’t we film first and then learn the dance?

Minhyuk: (Pause) Right.

Joohoney: Yeah, there was no dance in the music video.

After that, I.M went into more detail about how everything went down. As it turns out, they ended up having to learn all of the choreography while they were on the road!

So in the music video, there is no dance portion. There is no choreography. We filmed the music video first and we learned (the dance) after that during the world tour.

— I.M

| REACT/YouTube

Even against all of the odds, MONSTA X still looked absolutely amazing when they eventually got to perform “WHO DO U LOVE?” on stage!

You can watch the group’s entire “Guess That Song In One Second” here: