MONSTA X Fans Trend #SBSApologizeToMonstaX For Using The Group’s Name To Promote Its Documentary But Not Including Them

They also used the hashtag #RespectMonstaX.

MONSTA X fans are demanding an apology from SBS for using the group’s name to promote the final episode of its documentary Legendary Stage – Archive K–but only featuring the group for three seconds out of the two hours.

Legendary Stage – Archive is a two-part documentary dedicated to K-Pop idols with overseas success, and includes artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and more. MONSTA X had been slated to appear in the second half of the documentary, and the members had even shared that they had been excited to film an interview for it and were looking forward to fans watching it.

So when fans tuned in to the documentary to find that MONSTA X had only been included for 3 seconds–not even being given the chance to introduce themselves–they were livid.

One of the most upsetting parts of the situation, however, is that SBS continually used the group’s name to promote the documentary–then silently removed all hashtags related to MONSTA X from the official Instagram promotional posts right before the documentary aired. However, the tweets containing their name are still up.

The documentary was on the group’s official fancafe, meaning that it was an important part of their schedule and that the group was supposed to have a substantial part in the documentary.

This decision on SBS’ part was seen by fans as an incredibly disrespectful decision for a number of reasons. They feel like the group is often overlooked and ignored, and this situation only solidified that feeling. It’s also worth remembering that vocalist Minhyuk was part of the longest-running MC group for SBS’ music show Inkigayo and was even praised by its PD, which makes the decision even more baffling.

MONSTA X have numerous overseas achievements under their belt, such as being the first K-Pop act to appear on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour, an annual music festival in the United States, and to release an English-language album in a decade, amongst many others. It seemed like an absurd decision to cut them out of a documentary meant to showcase K-Pop’s overseas successes.

Hashtags used by the fans to raise their concerns, #SBSApologizeToMonstaX and #RESPECTMONSTAX, have accrued over 100k tweets each. SBS has yet to address the situation.