MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Apologizes After OT6 MONBEBE Criticize Them For Eating Together With Wonho

Hyungwon apologized on behalf of the group.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon left a message on the group’s fancafe after some OT6 MONBEBE raised an issue with a series of pictures released late last night, showing the 6 current members of MONSTA X having a meal with Wonho, who left the group back in October 2019, but still is signed under Starship Entertainment.

While the pictures are not entirely clear, many MONBEBE were delighted to hear that Wonho was with the group, smiling and having a good time.

However, some MONBEBE who supported Wonho’s removal from the group sent messages in the group’s fancafe, calling for the removal of Wonho’s profile and criticizing the current members for interacting with Wonho.

In response, Hyungwon uploaded a post at around 6 am KST, apologizing on behalf of the group for their actions. While he did not directly mention the dinner with Wonho, his apology combined with the pictures revealed heavily hints at referring to the dinner. Media outlets and fans also believe this to be the case.

I think there are many MONBEBE who aren’t able to sleep at this hour because of me.

That’s why I’m uploading this post.

The first thing I want to say to MONBEBE is that I’m so sorry.

The reason in the end is that we were being complacent.

These days, things are not good in many ways even though we are always trying to show the best of us, so we are very sorry and want to apologize for what we aren’t able to do.

In the future, we will be more careful and work harder so MONBEBE don’t have a hard time.

Please watch over us as we try to reflect on our mistakes while working hard.

While I am writing this, I have a lot of thoughts going on.

I was worried that there might be another misunderstanding, but I couldn’t just ignore the situation after seeing your comments.

This space is only for MONBEBE and MONSTA X, but it made my heart hurt seeing how many people are having a hard time because of us.

My post won’t solve everything, but I will carefully leave it here in hopes that those hurt, won’t be hurting anymore.

We are not perfect and still lacking, but we will make MONBEBE proud of us.

I hope you all sleep well, and don’t get hurt.

MONBEBE, cheer up today as well.

— Hyungwon

Source: MK Sports