MONSTA X’s I.M Confirms His Official Solo Debut

He’s finally making his solo debut.

MONSTA X‘s rapper I.M has confirmed his official solo debut will be coming in February.

Earlier, it was reported that I.M would be making his official solo debut in February with the release of a new single. Starship Entertainment has since confirmed the news in their official statement made to the press.

I.M is preparing his solo song, with the goal of releasing it around the end of February.

— Starship Entertainment

This release will be the first official release by I.M since he debuted with MONSTA X in 2015. He has released his own mixtape, Fly with me, in the past, but this single will be his first official release with the company.

Since his debut, I.M has received love from around the world, from both fans and the media, for his skills and his English skills, conducting interviews with Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, and the BBC.

Source: Newsen