MONSTA X’s I.M Is The Only Member Not Included On The Bubble For Starship App

Sony Music Korea has reassured MONBEBEs.

MONSTA X‘s I.M is the only member not available on the new bubble for STARSHIP app.


Recently, it was announced that a bubble for STARSHIP would be launched. It would include MONSTA X, IVE, WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), CRAVITY, and Jung Se Woon.

Yet, MONBEBEs (MONSTA X fans) feared I.M would not be included among the MONSTA X members.

Fellow MONSTA X member Kihyun was messaging with MONBEBEs via the UNIVERSE app (the platform the group used prior to Starship Entertainment‘s contract with bubble) when he found out that I.M was not an option in the new app. He was just as surprised, but he attempted to reassure MONBEBEs.

Today’s the last day of PMs, right?? A lot of people’s membership has already ended. We’ll be going to Bubble now.

— Kihyun

| UNIVERSE via @kyunbabie/Twitter

Kihyun: There isn’t Changkyun’s [option] on bubble??

Kihyun: I didn’t know.

Kihyun: Well, it’ll probably get settled in whichever way.

Kihyun: Sony will take care of Changkyun’s well.

Shortly after, Sony Music Entertainment Korea posted a statement in both Korean and English via its official social media. The company said they are looking into providing a “new channel of communication” for I.M and his fans.

Hi, this is Sony Music Entertainment Korea. We would like to provide an update about the future of fan-artist private messaging with I.M.

— Sony Music Entertainment Korea

Some fans have suggested I.M could join STAR’s bubble as it includes various artists rather than those from just one specific company.

The complications surrounding MONSTA X and bubble for STARSHIP is that I.M is now the only member not signed to Starship Entertainment. Previously, he ended his contract with the company and has since signed with Sony Music Korea. Still, he reassured MONBEBEs that he would still be an active member of MONSTA X. Read more below.

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