MONSTA X’s I.M Pens Thoughtful Letter To Monbebe Following His Departure From Starship Entertainment

He will still be a part of MONSTA X.

It was recently announced that MONSTA X‘s I.M would not be renewing his contract with Starship Entertainment. The company made an official statement that although the group would continue as 6, I.M would not be a part of the company anymore.

Lately, MONSTA X members SHOWNU, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, HYUNGWON, and JOOHONEY have renewed their contract with Starship Entertainment. As all six members share the same thoughts and affection towards the group and MONBEBE, I.M has agreed to continue and participate in the group’s future plans.

— Starship Entertainment

In order to reassure fans and thank his debut company, I.M penned a thoughtful, handwritten letter.

| @imnameim/Instagram

Hello, this is MONSTA X’s I.M.

Somehow, 7 years have passed since I made my first start as a singer with Starship Entertainment. Although I’ve come to be attached to them just as much as the long time we’ve spent together, as I think that I need a new challenge right now that will be a different sort of meaningful to me, at the end of much consideration, such a decision was made.

I want to express my sincerest thanks to the Starship family who have been with me all this while, spending many days laughing and crying together.

To the Monbebe who have created the happiest, shining moments with me. MONSTA X’s promotions are important to me and just as always, MONSTA X will be together with Monbebe as 6.

I love you, Monbebe. I will become an Im Changkyun, I.M, who will show you more growth than now.

Thank you.

— I.M

Wishing I.M the best in his future activities!