Starship Entertainment Announces I.M Will Leave The Company But Continue To Promote With MONSTA X

He will still promote with them even in a different company.

Starship Entertainment has announced that I.M will leave the company but will continue to promote with MONSTA X.

In a statement shared in English on MONSTA X’s official fancafe, Starship Entertainment announced that all members of MONSTA X have renewed their contracts with the company except I.M, but I.M will continue to promote with the group even while in a separate agency.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We are deeply grateful for all the love and support MONBEBE is sending to MONSTA X from all around the world.

Lately, MONSTA X members SHOWNU, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, HYUNGWON, and JOOHONEY have renewed their contract with Starship Entertainment. As all six members share the same thoughts and affection towards the group and MONBEBE, I.M has agreed to continue and participate in the group’s future plans.

We will do everything to support members based on the mutual trust we have built together. Our commitment is to provide our artists with undivided attention and systematic support.

Although discussions with I.M have undergone for a long period of time, we have mutually agreed to end the contract for the best of both parties. Our sincere appreciation goes out to I.M. for the hard work and dedication he has shown over the years.

We will support him wholeheartedly for both his participation as a member of MONSTA X and an individual artist.

It has been a month since MONSTA X took a break. We are working on various plans with the members to return the unconditional love we have received from MONBEBE.

Please continue to send your unwavering love and support to the six members of MONSTA X.

— Starship Entertainment

Multiple groups have transitioned to a similar style of promoting together even while in separate agencies. Examples include Girls’ Generation, MAMAMOO, GOT7, and 2PM.

Source: Starship Entertainment