Fans Solve The Mystery Of MONSTA X I.M’s Lone Cane In The “LOVE” Choreography

Why is he the only member who uses a cane, and what’s its purpose?

MONSTA X‘s promotions for “LOVE” have been short-lived, but fans have loved every moment. Still, they have questions.

MONSTA X | Mnet/Naver

Fans want to know why member I.M uses a cane in the choreography for “LOVE” when no one else does.

“LOVE” dance practice | MONSTA X/YouTube

Fans wondered if the cane had any significant purpose, especially since it looked like a complicated prop to maneuver.

One fan created a detailed explanation of a “pimp cane,” which can make sense of the prop. Considering the R&B and old-school influences in “LOVE,” the use of such a prop makes total sense. It pays tribute to artists such as Michael Jackson, who used them in his choreography, and it serves as a visual representation of the iconic eras “LOVE” is influenced by.

On Idol Radioย Joohoney and Hyungwon solidified this theory by explaining that the choreographer behind the dance had wanted to express a sexy, dark mood. Rather than function, the cane acts as a symbol. With the cane, I.M’s charms can stand out even more.

According to I.M, the real reason he uses the cane is actually very simple.

During a fansign call with I.M, Twitter user @gotyoutrustme asked the burning question Monbebes wanted to know: why the choreographer chose him to dance with the cane. I.M revealed what his dance teacher had told him.

| @gotyoutrustme/Twitterย 

So suddenly my dance teacher just told me you’re gonna dance with a stick, and I was like stick uh okay, I’ll try. That just happened so…

โ€” I.M

I.M wasn’t sure at first why his teacher picked him for the job.

| @gotyoutrustme/Twitterย 

I asked ‘why is it me, why am I dancing with a stick?’ And he said, ‘No reason just.’ That’s it, that was it.

โ€” I.M

Check out the full clip here.

Even though the reason wasn’t particularly juicy, fans will be happy that this mystery is now solved. The cane is still a pretty cool prop, even if it is a little dangerous at times.

You can check out the entire dance practice to “LOVE” to see I.M’s cane in action.