A MONSTA X Fan Made A Memorable First Impression On Joohoney And Hyungwon—And She’s Also A K-Pop Idol

Successful fangirl alert!

K-Pop idols may have thousands if not millions of fans, but they’re also fans of other people themselves! Secret Number‘s newest member, Zuu, exemplified this when she was confirmed to be a MONBEBE, a fan of MONSTA X, in the very radio show that they host.

Secret Number’s Zuu | @secretnumber.official/Instagram

Zuu met her idols, Joohoney and Hyungwon, in an episode of Idol Radio. The two opened the program by acknowledging her status as a fan.

We have to say hello to a familiar face. Our Zuu is a four-year MONBEBE.

— Joohoney

Zuu was revealed to have been a MONBEBE for four years and counting. According to Joohoney, she greeted him in a memorable way when they first encountered each other prior to the show.

She told me, ‘Wassup MONBEBE?’ and did this hand sign.

— Joohoney

He was impressed with her rendition of MONSTA X’s iconic line. He commented, “She did the greatest, ‘Wassup!'” 

Like many MONBEBEs, Zuu fell for the group while watching their reality shows, specifically MONSTA X-Ray.

She’s liked us since MONSTA X-Ray.

— Hyungwon

The show spanned three seasons from 2017 to 2018. MONSTA X was filmed doing several kinds of activities, from taking care of animals and children to filming their own K-Drama parody.

Both Joohoney and Hyungwon were ecstatic to have met a K-Pop idol who is also a fan. While they gushed over her, Zuu shyly reacted by bowing and replicating MONSTA X’s hand sign.

Zuu is the newest member of Secret Number alongside Produce 48‘s Minji. Born in 2000, she’s their lead dancer and sub-vocalist. She first appeared in the song “Fire Saturday.”

She’s one successful fangirl! MONSTA X’s Hyungwon even told his fans, “MONBEBEs, please love Secret Number.”

Secret Number and MONSTA X | @idolradiokorea/Twitter
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