MONSTA X Kihyun’s Grandmother Shows Her Love For Her Bias At Their Concert… But It Isn’t Kihyun

Fans think they also know her bias-wrecker… who still isn’t Kihyun.

MONSTA X fans were incredibly excited to see that some of Kihyun‘s family attended the Texas stop in MONSTA X’s 2022 NO LIMIT US TOUR.

Kihyun’s family with MONSTA X | @yoonhee703/Instagram

And while a family member uploaded a bunch of adorable photos to Instagram showcasing all of Kihyun’s interactions with his family members, fans are especially touched by the wholesome moments between Kihyun and who they believe is Kihyun’s grandmother.

His grandmother definitely had an amazing time at the concert.

Kihyun’s grandmother | @yoonhee703/Instagram
| @yoonhee703/Instagram

And she even exchanged an adorably wholesome heart with Kihyun.

Kihyun with his grandmother | @yoonhee703/Instagram

But while Kihyun’s grandmother is clearly really supportive of him, she seems to have a different bias in the group. In a video shared on Instagram, Kihyun’s grandmother is dancing as she walks over to greet Joohoney.

Β Who she excitedly posed for a picture with.

Kihyun and Joohoney | @yoonhee703/Instagram
| @yoonhee703/Instagram

Even in a group photo, Kihyun’s grandmother clearly clings to her bias in the group.

| @yoonhee703/Instagram

Fans can’t get over how wholesome her support of Kihyun is.

And are relating to her as a whole mood for her love of Joohoney.

Although fans also note that she may be a Hyungwon fan since she clung to him tightly in the large family photo.

But regardless of her favorite member, fans are simply touched at being able to see Kihyun have such wholesome interactions with his family.

You can read more about the interactions here.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun Goes Viral For Wholesome Interaction With Grandma At Concert