MONSTA X’s Kihyun Was Washing His Hair For Days After Filming “LOVE” MV, But Fans Think It Was Worth It

“I washed my hair so hard…”

MONSTA X‘s newest music video “LOVE” features scenes so mesmerizing, that some members even thought they were created using CGI. Instead, the scenes were very much real.

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Joohoney, Kihyun, Minyuk, and I.M | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

In a recently dropped video, MONSTA X reacted to “LOVE.” Though they mentioned they were able to preview earlier versions and suggest edits, they hadn’t seen the full video yet.

MONSTA X’s “LOVE” | starshipTV/YouTube 

Fans aren’t the only ones intrigued by music videos. K-Pop idols are not always present for the filming of other members’ scenes, so the music video is often a surprise for them as well.

Kihyun was surprised to learn that one of I.M‘s scenes hadn’t been shot with CGI.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

During the scene, the walls extend outwards and the floor becomes wider, but it wasn’t CGI making this work. Instead, this was accomplished with the music video set.

| starshipTV/YouTube 

While this was interesting, the members were most shocked by the glitter scenes. Both Hyungwon and Kihyun have scenes where gold glitter falls all around them.

| starshipTV/YouTube  

It’s so captivating that Minhyuk had to ask Hyungwon if they really sprinkled glitter on him while filming or if they used CGI. Hyungwon revealed that they had sprinkled a ton, and it wasn’t computer generated.

| MONSTA X/YouTube 

When reacting to Kihyun’s part, I.M noted that it must have been difficult to shower after all of the glitter fell into his hair.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

Unfortunately for Kihyun, even with vigorous scrubbing, he ended up having glitter in his hair for four days!

He even uploaded a brief video to Instagram that shows a bit of the behind the scenes, and the amount of glitter is well… a lot.

| @yookihhh/Instagram 

The tough shower was worth it though for such beautiful shots!

| starshipTV/YouTube 

Fans definitely agree and can’t wait to see the full music video behind the scenes.

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