Cosmic Girls’s Dayoung Is MONSTA X’s Unofficial Daughter — Here’s How That Happened

They go way back as “fathers” and “daughter.”

In a recent YouTube upload of Everyone’s Audition hosted by singer Nada, Cosmic Girls‘s Dayoung revealed that she’s MONSTA X‘s unofficial daughter and how that all happened.

Cosmic Girls’s Dayoung

According to Dayoung, back when she was a trainee, she was “so young and immature” that looking back, she is actually thankful her older members “didn’t spank [her]“.

When I was a trainee, I was young so I really was absolutely clueless back then.

— Dayoung

And one day, she got in trouble and was scolded by her leader, EXY. Dayoung said she “was crying in the bathroom” when MONSTA X members spotted her.

MONSTA X sunbaes, who were also trainees at the time, actually looked after the young Dayoung. They called her their “daughter” and even comforted her when she needed some moral support!

Those oppas used to call me their daughter. They said, ‘Why is our daughter crying?’ and handed me vegetable crackers. I was young, so I stopped crying as soon as I saw the snack.

— Dayoung

It mustn’t have been easy being a trainee at such a young age, but at least she had MONSTA X as her unofficial fathers!

MONSTA X | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Insight