MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Debuts Shaved Head And Reunites With His Members Ahead Of Military Enlistment

Even Shownu was there!

MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk is preparing for his mandatory military enlistment with help from his members.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk | Starship Entertainment

In February, Minhyuk broke down in tears during NAVER Now‘s Vogue Ship Show. He prepared a letter for staff and MONBEBEs who tuned in. It felt like a goodbye, which had everyone concerned that he was enlisting.

Thank you so much. In the future, I will remain as Minhyuk, who always gonna miss you and always want to paint. I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill my promise. I wanted to leave while having fun… Apart from the letter, I think as a person, I was able to have great experiences. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience these great things. I’m saying goodbye now. Bye~

— Minhyuk

MONSTA X Minhyuk’s letter | Translation from @nunudanaa/Twitter

Afterward, he confessed that he tried to hold back from crying. Naturally, the words and tears made MONBEBEs wonder if he was enlisting soon.

I thought I wouldn’t cry any more now that I’m old but I almost cried a little~ I look calm right now, right? I really held back. I bit my thigh right now. As I said before, I’ll be treasuring all of your well wishes, and I’m so thankful for the letters. If I write a letter to MONBEBEs, MONBEBEs would cry. Don’t cry.

You want me to cry? I don’t want to cry. These days, when I cry, it feels like it’ll be okay, but the time after I cry becomes difficult. That’s why I try my best not to cry. When I almost cried?… Mmm… I almost cried all.

— Minhyuk

Minhyuk clarified his message. He said, “I want to clear the air on something. People think I’m leaving right away (for the army), but that’s not it.” Minhyuk revealed that he actually was not sure of his enlistment date yet, but he expected it could be as early as next month.

From what I know, I’m leaving in the near future but [and official date] hasn’t come out. I can estimate a date though. Since people don’t know and the company isn’t releasing a statement, I’m just telling you myself. I don’t know when I’ll exactly be [enlisting] but probably… in the near future. Yes, that’s what I think. Near future? It may also not be in the near future. Yes. More than a month?

I don’t know either. I don’t know exactly. More than a month? How would I know until they [give me a date]? I’m just guessing. Yes, about a month. Yes, that’s how it is… Anyway, I want to say thank you

— Minhyuk

MONBEBEs’ concerns were valid. The next month, Minhyuk officially announced his enlistment in a heartfelt letter. On March 13, 2023, he confirmed his enlistment date to be April 4, 2023.

Minhyuk’s letter. | MONSTA X/Daum

Hello, this is Minhyuk! I feel sorry because I think that our fans will see the title of the post, ‘This is Minhyuk,’ and feel sad as they click in. I will not be able to see everyone frequently for the moment, as I will have to leave to fulfill my duties to the country on April 4. I should be doing things that Monbebe like often, like writing posts on the fancafe, promotions, posting photos and telling you guys when I’m done working out, doing Bubble live streams, and all. It hurts my heart the most to know that I can’t do all this for you for the time being.

Apart from this, I will enlist in a good mood. I will use the time in the future to become more resilient and become a better version of myself. I’m excited already to receive even more love from Monbebe like that. And I’m not going anywhere far, so don’t be too sad. I think Monbebe will be very sad, but I hope you won’t be! Thank you for always giving me more love than I deserve, even though I’m just an ordinary person. I’m also sorry, as I feel like I can never repay this no matter what I do. During the time that we can’t see each other, I’ll stay healthy in mind and body and return as a better person. I love Monbebe so so much, and I’m thankful. Let’s meet next year, smiling. I’ll be back soon!!

From Minhyuk.

— Minhyuk

Now, that day is upon us.

The MONSTA X members, including Shownu, who is currently fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment, reunited for a farewell dinner for Minhyuk on April 2.

Yummy meal. Let’s eat together again, friends.

— Minhyuk

From left: Minhyuk, I.M, Hyungwon, Joohoney, Shownu, and Kihyun | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

The next day, fellow MONSTA X member Kihyun shared photos of Minhyuk’s hair getting shaved via his personal Instagram.

Be safe and come back to us healthy
Monbebes will be waiting for you

— Kihyun

Minhyuk also shared a selfie of his newly shaved head with a photo including Kihyun on the second slide.

He shared the same photos on Twitter too. Minhyuk added a caption saying that Kihyun was his barber.

Kihyun cut it for me #Minhyuk

— Minhyuk

It’s hard to believe that Minhyuk is already enlisting. It feels like just yesterday that Minhyuk was the one with the razor, shaving Shownu’s head for his enlistment. It’s enough to make anyone emotional.

Speaking of Shownu… While Minhyuk will enlist on April 4, Shownu will return shortly after. His service will be completed on April 21, 2023.

It’s certainly a bittersweet month for MONBEBEs.

MONSTA X, including Shownu, saw Minhyuk off on enlistment day.