MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Announces Enlistment Date In Touching Letter To Fans

He will be back soon enough!

MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk is the next member enlisting in the Korean army. Member Shownu was the first one to fulfill his duty. Although fans know that Minhyuk is due to enlist in 2023, he dropped the bomb on March 13, 2023, confirming his enlistment date to be April 4, 2023.

Minhyuk penned a touching letter to fans on the group’s official fancafe.

Hello, this is Minhyuk! I feel sorry because I think that our fans will see the title of the post, “This is Minhyuk,” and feel sad as they click in. I will not be able to see everyone frequently for the moment, as I will have to leave to fulfill my duties to the country on April 4. I should be doing things that Monbebe like often, like writing posts on the fancafe, promotions, posting photos and telling you guys when I’m done working out, doing Bubble live streams, and all. It hurts my heart the most to know that I can’t do all this for you for the time being.

— Minhyuk

Minhyuk’s letter. | MONSTA X/Daum

Apart from this, I will enlist in a good mood. I will use the time in the future to become more resilient and become a better version of myself. I’m excited already to receive even more love from Monbebe like that. And I’m not going anywhere far, so don’t be too sad. I think Monbebe will be very sad, but I hope you won’t be! Thank you for always giving me more love than I deserve, even though I’m just an ordinary person. I’m also sorry, as I feel like I can never repay this no matter what I do. During the time that we can’t see each other, I’ll stay healthy in mind and body and return as a better person. I love Monbebe so so much, and I’m thankful. Let’s meet next year, smiling. I’ll be back soon!!

From Minhyuk.

— Minhyuk

We wish him a safe and happy service!