MONSTA X’s Minhyuk And I.M Released From Quarantine

We’re glad to see them back and healthy!

According to Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X’s Minhyuk and I.M have officially been released from quarantine as of April 7, local time. Previously, the agency announced that members Hyeongwon, Kihyun, Minhyuk, and I.M tested positive for COVID-19. The members have now all been released from quarantine this week and will start preparing for their comeback. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. We would like to inform you that our artists Minhyuk and I.M have been released from quarantine as of today (April 7) and have recovered from COVID-19.

Minhyuk and I.M were treated at home in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities and focused on treatment and recovery without any particularly abnormal symptoms. 

We would like to inform you that quarantine has been lifted and they will be able to return to daily activities. We would like to thank fans for the concern and we will continue to follow the guidelines and do our best of rate safety and health of our artists. Thank you.

Source: sports khan