MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Becomes A Successful Fanboy After Meeting His Role Model Kim Junsu

He can’t contain his excitement!

MONBEBEs are in for a treat when they see Minhyuk having a total fanboy moment! MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk is a well-known fan of Kim Junsu and he couldn’t hide his excitement during an episode of his show, NAVER NOW’s Vogue Ship Show.

Minhyuk holding a signed Junsu album | @officialmonstax/Twitter

In a 2018 interview with Star Daily News, Minhyuk admitted that he was a big TVXQ fan, especially Junsu.

I used to really like TVXQ. I found TVXQ Xiah Junsu’s player on the internet and I listened to Junsu every day.

— MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

Well, lucky for Minhyuk because Junsu recently made an appearance as a guest on Minhyuk’s show and he could not contain his excitement. Junsu, a former member of TVXQ, sang a little bit of their hit song “Tonight” which really excited not only Minhyuk, but all the TVXQ fans out there.

Junsu also took the time to sing one of his many O.S.T’s, “Love No More” but the best part is that he sang it with Minhyuk. While Minhyuk did sound a little nervous, he did a phenomenal job singing along with one of his role models and sunbaes. Also, can we talk about the way Junsu looks at Minhyuk while he’s singing? He looks so proud of his hoobae!

Look at how excited Minhyuk is! He is so giddy and genuinely can’t contain his excitement. So stinking cute!


Minhyuk is the epitome of a successful fanboy. We are beyond jealous that he not only got to meet his idol, but that he got to interview and sing along with him. We’re excited for you Minhyuk!

| @officialmonstax/Twitter
Source: Star Daily News


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