MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Talks About His Art And Gives Advice To Other Artists

Every artist could use this advice.

In the very first installation of W KOREA‘s W I Love It video series, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk got the chance to discuss one of his favorite hobbies, art, and share some meaningful advice for other artists to keep in mind.

W I Love It is a “What’s in my bag?” type of video, with Minhyuk revealing some of his favorite possessions and hobbies. It’s well known amongst MONBEBEs that Minhyuk loves art, so naturally, his paints and his customized accessories were amongst the items he brought with him!

The bag he brought with him was the first one he had ever customized, which makes it incredibly meaningful to him. Since he painted it while the weather was nice, he used it as inspiration, painting with light colors and incorporating pretty flowers.

“It was my first custom bag so it’s really meaningful,” he explained, before jokingly saying, “I’ll sell it at an auction. For a good cause, of course!”

He also talked about a custom-made ring he designed, shaped like the letter M with the same whale engraved on the side which he has a tattoo of.

It’s perfect for my second finger. It’s nothing much, just M from Minhyuk and on the side, the whale’s tail from the meaningful tattoo of mine. It says “Minhyuk” on the inside, too. It’s one of a kind, just for me.


Then, when he was asked if there was anything in particular that he did or needed for his art, he said no and gave some helpful insight which is important for any artist to remember.

There’s nothing I need. I just need to like it myself.


He took his ring as an example.

You will say, ‘M for MINHYUK? That’s too childish.’ But I don’t think so. If it represents something that’s on my body, it’s meaningful, right?

| Minhyuk, with his whale tattoo visible on his right leg.

Art is not for others to enjoy–it’s for the artist to create what they want!

Customization is very easy. Just put the bag down, use plastic gloves and paint. Do that, and it’ll become a custom item! It just needs to be pretty in my eyes!

It’s refreshing to hear him talk about a hobby he’s so passionate about, and we’re sure every artist could use a reminder that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

You can watch the full video below!

Source: YouTube