MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Reflects On How He Overcomes Difficult Times

We can all learn from his advice.

In an interview for W Korea, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk invited readers to take a deep dive into his life, answering questions not only about his career, but about his life, dreams, concerns and future goals.

One of the questions asked him to take a moment and reflect on his twenties, as he will be turning 29 (Korean age) this year: “Let’s take a look at what is in the in mind of Minhyuk, who is reaching the end of his twenties. Are there any thoughts or worries that you often have these days?”

Of course, there are always concerns. At the end of last year, I had a lot of troubles. I was a little tired. I was going through a slump.



He then went on to elaborate that he didn’t want to hide it just because he is an idol.

Everyone goes through slumps, and I didn’t want to hide it just because I’m an idol. At that time, I came to the conclusion “If things are difficult, let’s work hard.” But when I kept struggling, I felt like I was falling further down.


As he struggled through his slump, he had a revelation: changing his mindset was the most important thing he could do in order to keep pushing forward and overcome the difficult times.

Take something like this, for example. I don’t sleep well. In the past, I used to think, “What should I do? If I can’t sleep, I’ll be tired during the filming tomorrow,” but I don’t think like that these days. Now, it’s just, “Oh well, I’ll be a little tired tomorrow. I can come home after my schedule and take a break.”


Looking at a problem through a different lens can change one’s perspective on their life.

That’s how I changed my mindset, so that time period was less painful. I will feel tired either way, but I realized that I can deal with it differently depending on how I think about it. The times before I fall asleep, which used to be painful, have changed, so now I can watch YouTube and spend a leisurely time instead.


Source: W Korea