MONSTA X And Monbebe Become Members Of The Neighbors Club With All Of Their Charitable Activities

They’re being recognized for their good deeds:

With their charitable works, MONSTA X and Monbebe have become members of Good Neighbors‘ The Neighbors Club.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

The Neighbors Club recognizes those who have donated at least ₩10 million KRW (approximately $8,330 USD) a year to the international humanitarian organization, Good Neighbors. Just a few of the notable members of the club include Go Ara, So Ji Sub, and Lee Seung Chul.

Now, The Neighbors Club has officially recognized MONSTA X and Monbebe for their donation work too! On July 22, Starship Entertainment announced, “MONSTA X and their fan club Monbebe have become members of The Neighbors Club of Good Neighbors.”

Earlier this year, MONSTA X contributed ₩100 million KRW (approximately $83,230 USD) to help children from vulnerable groups and low-income families in the Daegu and North Gyeongsang area through Good Neighbors. And in response, Monbebe also voluntarily joined in to make their own donations to the cause.

In doing so, MONSTA X was invited to join The Good Neighbors Club. Wanting to receive the honor with Monbebe, the group expressed their hopes that they could be registered together with Monbebe and The Good Neighbors Club did just that!

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Responding to the honor, MONSTA X had one very sweet message to share, “We want to share the love we get from our fans to those neighbors in need.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is preparing for their online concert MONSTA X Live from Seoul With Luv in August.

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Source: Osen