MONSTA X Reveals Update On Joohoney And His Appearance On Tour

They reassured Monbebes everywhere.

Following their Korean promotions for “Follow” from Follow: Find You, MONSTA X have been working hard on their American promotions for their first English album All About Luv.

Between performances and appearances on shows, they’ve had a lot on their plates. With everything that was going in addition to his own struggles with mental health, Joohoney had to take a step back due to anxiety, going on a hiatus.

Since the group will be touring the United States and Canada this summer for their world tour, many fans wondered if Joohoney would be rejoining them. During a meeting with magazine PeopleI.M. addressed the question.

He reassured everyone that Joohoney would indeed be on tour with them, taking his rightful place. To top it off, he also revealed how his member has been doing.

I.M. brightened Monbebes’ day by saying, “He’s taking care of himself.” Although fans miss Joohoney, making sure he’s healthy is what everyone wants most.

Source: People