MONSTA X Give Shoutout To Old Friend GOT7’s BamBam

They go way back!

MONSTA X recently appeared in a video on 1theK OriginalsYouTube channel. At The 2022 MelOn Music Awards (2022 MMAs), they played a game with a giant keyboard where they would respond to questions with typed answers.

From left: Joohoney, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Kihyun, and I.M of MONSTA X

One question was to express what their fandom, MONBEBE, means to them in only five letters, with members alternating writing one word each. I.M wrote, “Our,” followed by Kihyun, who wrote “Existence.”

Hyungwon hesitated. Ultimately, he just added filler, typing, “And.”

Minhyuk then confused everyone by typing, “뱀 (Bam).” It made things a little bit difficult for the next member to finish the sentence… So, to conclude, Joohoney added “뱀 (Bam)” again. So, the final response was, “Our existence and BamBam.”

Of course, someone came to mind… None other than GOT7‘s BamBam! So, the MONSTA X members had to give him a shoutout. I.M asked him how he was doing, delivering a message, and the others declared that he is, in fact, MONBEBE.

I.M: BamBam, how are you doing?

Hyungwon: BamBam is MONBEBE!

Minhyuk: He loves MONSTA X.  

GOT7 and MONSTA X go way back! From meeting at award shows to ISAC, all the MONSTA X members and BamBam especially have numerous interactions.

From left: Wonho, BamBam, Kihyun
BamBam (left) and I.M (right)
BamBam (left) and Minhyuk (right)

But perhaps the most iconic of all was GOT7’s BamBam, BTOB’s Minhyuk, B.A.P’s Youngjae, and MONSTA X’s Minhyuk’s cover of miss A‘s “Bad Girl Good Girl” at The 2016 KBS Song Festival.

We hope we can get a reunion soon enough!

Check out the full video with English subtitles below.

Source: 1theK