MONSTA X’s Shownu Reveals Just How Much The Members Mean To Him

The members mean the world to him.

MONSTA X’s Shownu was the last person to participate in the MONSTA X X DAZED project as he showcased his stunning visuals for the October issue.

Shownu is dressed in oversized coats and hats for a more modern and chic look as the season gradually changes to autumn.

This joint project started back in May and will finally be coming to a close with Shownu’s portion. “All the members did great photo shoots for this project. Each of the members’ style could be seen in the photos.”

Throughout this special project with Dazed magazine, most of the members chose Shown as their role model. To this he replied, “I don’t think that I carry all the responsibilities alone. Different opinions are discussed on the spot. I have a relaxed personality and don’t get stressed out that much.”

He also revealed that the members are the people that he relies on and trusts the most.

No matter how many friends I have, I can only tell my true feelings to none other than our members. These are the people that share the most beautiful and brilliant moments of my life. Without these friends, I would not have been able to grow this much.

— Shownu

Shown, who is known to thoroughly prepare for the stage, stated, “If our busy schedule continues for a long time, our condition gets worse and indigestion can occur. When I finally somehow finish all these schedules, I say to myself, ‘You did good’.”

Check out the rest of the members’ photo shoot and interviews on Dazed magazine’s website!


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