MONSTA X’s Shownu Opens His Own Personal Instagram Account

Handsome selfies incoming!

MONSTA X‘s Shownu is the latest member to open his own personal Instagram account! On January 12, MONSTA X’s official Twitter account announced that Shownu had finally joined Instagram, including his adorable representative bear emoji.

Shownu’s Instagram username is @shownuayo. As of yet, no one is certain what it means, but fans have come up with several theories. Some think it’s an alternative romanization of the Korean phrase “Shownu-yeyo“, meaning “I’m Shownu” or “this is Shownu”.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Others think it could be a combination of Shownu and “johayo”, the Korean word for “like”.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

And other still just think “ayo” refers to the common English greeting, as in, “Ayo, what’s up?”.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

So far, he only has one upload — a handsome mirror selfie captioned, “Let’s meet often~”.

Just two hours after the new account was announced, Shownu had already racked up over 60,000 followers. He also reached the K-Pop trending section on Twitter as fans shared their excitement and predictions for the future.

And Monbebes believe Shownu’s new account could be the start of a new brand deal! Kit Kat Korea nudged MONSTA X fans claiming if they receive more Instagram followers, they could potentially sign Shownu as an endorser in the future.

If KitKat’s followers increase, I think he will be able to see KitKat positively. Then when we make an offer to him later, I think we’ll get a good result… KitKat Korea will always support Shownu!

— KitKat Korea’s official Instagram account

Shownu is now the fourth member of MONSTA X to create his own Instagram account, following Kihyun in July 2020,

Changkyun in June 2020,

and Minhyuk in June 2020.

Former MONSTA X member Wonho also has his own personal account.