MONSTA X’s Shownu Returns Inconclusive Coronavirus Test, Has Been Retested, And Is Self Isolating

He is awaiting the results of his new test.

Starship Entertainment has announced that MONSTA X Shownu‘s recent Coronavirus test was ruled inconclusive, and he has been re-tested and will be under quarantine until his updated results are out.

Starship Entertainment uploaded a post on the group’s fancafe, sharing why Shownu was absent from MONSTA X’s online event for their Japanese single.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to talk about MONSTA X’s Shownu.

On March 8, Shownu was pre-emptively tested for the Coronavirus with his staff at the request of the scheduling team ahead of his personal schedule. The result of his test came out inconclusive on the afternoon of March 9. After his results came out, he was re-tested immediately and will be in self-isolation until his results are confirmed.

Because of this, Shownu was inevitably absent from MONSTA X’s online event today for their Japanese single release. We apologize to the fans who were waiting a long time for their promotions and their first Japanese release in a while, and we ask for your understanding.

We will continue to follow the quarantine guidelines set by the health officials, and we will do our best to ensure the health and safety of our artists.

Thank you.

— Starship Entertainment”

MONSTA X were scheduled to attend an online event to promote their new Japanese single “Neo Universe”, which will be released on March 10. However, Shownu was absent from the event, and the event proceeded with only five members.