MONSTA X Wonho’s Voice To Be Kept In Upcoming Group Album

His voice will not be edited out.

MONSTA X released their latest song “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” on December 6. This song is part of their upcoming English album ALL ABOUT LUV Β which was recorded prior to Wonho‘s departure from the group.

To everyone’s surprise, Wonho’s vocals could still be clearly heard in the song despite parting ways with MONSTA X, exciting fans and making them emotional at the same time.

Even better, Wonho’s voice will be featured in every other song of the ALL ABOUT LUV album as well. K-Pop correspondent Tamar Herman confirmed this with Epic Record.

MONBEBES believe that this is a sign that Wonho is still signed with Starship Entertainment, giving them hope that the company is possibly considering his return.

Starship Entertainment was reportedly conscious that international fans wanted to keep Wonho’s voice in the album, allowing Epic Record to retain the original recording of all songs.

Besides being able to hear his voice, MONBEBES also noticed how Wonho’s reflection was still seen in the behind-the-scene images of the album.

The fact that Starship Entertainment will release seven versions of ALL ABOUT LUV is another positive sign.


Fans even made a mock-up of what Wonho’s version would have looked like.


ALL ABOUT LUV will be released on February 14, 2019 as a Valentine’s gift to MONBEBES.


Watch the full “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” music video below:


Source: Tamar Herman