MONSTA X’s Jooheon Regains Health And Plans To Join Group For Jingle Ball Tour

Jooheon will join the group for the Jingle Ball Tour 2019.

Previously, Starship Entertainment released a statement regarding MONSTA X Jooheon’s health and whether or not he would participate in the 2019 Jingle Bell Tour.



Jooheon experienced sudden dizziness and extreme conditions on their way to the states.

On December 10, Starship updated fans with another announcement stating that Jooheon has recovered and prepared to participate in the schedule. “Joohoney has been informed by a doctor that his condition has recovered through sufficient rest and stability.”


They added that after much discussion Jooheon would join the group on tour starting from the Philadelphia concert. “Joohoney is keeping his promise to the fans as he hoped to be on stage with the members.”


They concluded by apologizing for worrying fans with this matter. “During our future schedules, we will carefully check the health of MONSTA X members, including Joohoney, and do our best to improve the artists’ care.”




These are the dates MONSTA X performances at the Jingle Ball Tour 2019:

Minneapolis- December 9

Philadelphia- December 11

New York- December 13



Read the full statement below: