MONSTA X’s Kihyun Raises Concern After Performing In Concert With A Fractured Rib

He promised to fans that no matter what he wouldn’t miss the concert

MONSTA X’s Kihyun regretfully announced to fans recently that he had fractured his rib, while MONSTA X is currently underway in the United States with their We Are Here World Tour.

Although he had sustained a serious injury, Kihyun revealed that he didn’t want to miss the concert, even though he was in a lot of pain.

In a letter to fans, he revealed his inner thoughts.

Since my debut, I haven’t missed a single show, and I was just going to continue with tonight’s show as well but because if I’m not careful I might not be able to see my Monbebe for longer, I have to perform sitting down tonight.

Fans at the Los Angeles concert were incredibly understanding of Kihyun, with some urging him to take the time to rest and heal.

Yet, Kihyun was still determined to make the concert, to perform in front of fans. As he had promised, he still performed while sitting down, impressing fans with his emotive singing.

Even when in pain, he still was able to belt out high notes and capture the true energy of the concert.

Throughout the concert, he even performed some of the choreography, while singing, which raised concern among fans who were worried about his injury.

Yet these fears were gradually overtaken by pride, when fans realised that Kihyun was performing only because he wanted to, and because he didn’t want to let himself down.

In a speech to fans during the concert, Kihyun addressed the fears that fans had and reassured them about his determination.

I feel like you all were really shocked, so I am really sorry. I am sorry to the fans who waited for one year for this concert, sorry to the members.

And to keep the promise with the fans and members, I have taken a very strong painkiller before the concert although I don’t know whether this will get better or worse.


Kihyun acknowledged that by performing with a fractured rib, he had raised a lot of concern from not only the fans, but also the other members and the staff. Yet he reiterated that this was because of his passion.

I know you guys will nag at me … but I know I will regret til I die if I just eat medicine and not perform and stay at the hotel because this has been my dream stage since 2015.

When MONSTA X first debuted in 2015, they had the chance to perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as part of KCON LA 2015.

The promise that they made was that they would some day return to this stadium for a solo concert, a promise that Kihyun wanted to honour.

Regardless of his sustained injury, Kihyun voiced that he had no regrets.

Thank you for giving me memories that I will never forget today … I don’t know how to express this with words, but I really love you. Thank you.

While fans are concerned with Kihyun’s wellbeing, those at the concert were beaming with pride and expressed their gratitude for how passionate and determined Kihyun was.

Kihyun trended to #1 on Twitter in the United States, with many fans being moved by his actions.

MONBEBEs showered Kihyun with love and support on social media, and the hashtag #GetWellSoonKihyun trended as well.

While fans understand Kihyun knows how concerned they are, many are hopeful that he will be able to see the outpouring of sweet messages.


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