Former MONSTA X’s Wonho Reveals Just How He Feels About His First Solo Album

He tells media just what “Love Synonym” means!

After Wonho‘s departure from MONSTA X, the singer has been working incredibly hard, and has finally released his first ever solo album, much to the joy of fans!

In an interview with a media outlet, Wonho shared his thoughts on his comeback with his first ever solo album. Wonho revealed that he was able to share with fans musically, what he wanted to but couldn’t all this while, and he was happy that he was able to repay fans who waited for him through his own music.

Love Synonym, according to Wonho, is a way of expressing his fresh start. Through love, he is able to communicate with fans from all over the world, despite language barriers. Communication with fans is important to Wonho, and that is the promise he makes through his solo album.

Wonho recommends the pre-release song, “Losing You”, as the song he wants to introduce to people the most. The song contains the message he wishes to share with everyone, and while preparing for the album, he sincerely hoped the song would be released as soon as possible. He even thoughtfully prepared it in both English and Korean.

Lastly, Wonho hopes to work hard so as to create good memories and laughter for fans! If you’ve yet to listen to Wonho’s album, take a listen to his favorite track, “Losing You” below.

Source: Chosun


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