MONSTA X And Former Member Wonho Are Spotted In The Same Frame At A Wedding

Fans couldn’t be happier.

Wonho left MONSTA X in 2019, after his past interpersonal relationships with friends created controversy. Ever since then, he has carved out a successful career for himself as a solo artist, gathering legions of loyal fans. MONSTA X has also become a high-selling boy group known for their talent and humorous personalities.

Despite the fact that both MONSTA X and Wonho grew to become successful in their own paths, they have not reunited publicly since 2019. Fans were thrilled to find out that they all reunited at the same venue thanks to a couple of weddings over the weekend.

| @star1_flower/Twitter

In fact, most of the Starship Entertainment artists had gathered to celebrate. Fans inferred that the weddings were probably of workers in the company. WJSN, IVE, MONSTA X, Jung Sewoon, Wonho, and even the disbanded SISTAR were all present! Although Wonho stood off to the right end while MONSTA X spread out on the left and center, fans were satisfied to see both in the same frame.

Fans expressed their shock and delight.

What was even more apt was that it happened to be Monbebe’s anniversary on the same day.

Fans were heartened to confirm that the boys are still friendly with each other.

How’s that for a reunion?

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