Mother and Daughter to Be Heavily Fined for Traveling Around Jejudo With COVID-19

The daughter showed symptoms at the start of the trip but traveled around Jejudo anyway.

A mother and daughter in Korea are expected to be fined hundreds of millions of won (100 million won = ~$82,000 USD) in damages after traveling around Jejudo for 5 days and 4 nights after being infected with the coronavirus.

In addition to Jejudo, dozens of restaurants and businesses that shut down as a result of the mother and daughter’s confirmation of COVID-19 are expected to charge them compensation for damages, meaning the figure will continue to grow.

On March 27, Jejudo announced that they plan to charge the mother and daughter at least 100 million won (~$82,000 USD) for damage.

Mrs. A (Mother, 52) and Ms. B (Daughter, 19, Student in the US) began their 5 days and 4 nights trip in Jejudo on March 20, only to find out on March 25 and 26 that they are confirmed for COVID-19.

According to Jejudo, Ms. B experienced COVID-19 symptoms such as chills and muscle aches, but the mother and daughter, as well as 3 others, rented a car and visited around 20 tourist destinations in the days that followed.

Jejudo expressed that they deemed the behavior as deliberate for the reason that Ms. B arrived in Jejudo during her incubation period, and despite experiencing symptoms and having visited the hospital on March 23, they pushed through with the vacation anyway.

As such, Jejudo is currently calculating the amount of compensation for damages that should be charged for the harm that the mother and daughter caused the citizens of Jejudo with their behavior, which many struggle to understand.

Jejudo plans to confirm the opinions of the business that will participate in pressing charges in order to formally file a complaint and check the case for any criminal liability.

Source: E-Focus