Mother of “Hi Bye, Mama!” Child Actor Addresses Criticism Regarding Son’s Gender Identity

Seo Woo Jin recently made headlines for playing Kim Tae Hee’s daughter when he’s actually a boy in real life.

The mother of actor, Seo Woo Jin, who is currently playing Kim Tae Hee‘s daughter in Hi Bye, Mama recently addressed the criticism surrounding the gender identity issues that could arise due to her son playing a girl in the drama at a young age.

The mother of the child actor addressed the issue on Instagram.

The post reads as follows:

Our Woo Jin is a smart boy who is well-aware of what he’s doing right now and why he’s playing the role of the girl, Seo Woo.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

We didn’t go to the audition because we wanted a starring role, and when we were offered the role of a little girl, I asked Woo Jin about his opinion first. When he immediately said it was okay and that he could do a good job, that’s when I decided to proceed forward.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

Anyone who knows this child would understand and say that those who criticize us for gender identity issues are meddling for no good reason. He’s a very masculine boy. He likes to hear that he’s handsome and manly rather than to hear that he’s cute or pretty.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

Some are saying things that make us uncomfortable. Please don’t judge and spread false rumors based on what you see on the outiside alone. I know my son better than anyone, I love him, and I put him first.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

This is just a matter of difference in opinion. The fact that people are strongly criticizing us just because our boy is playing a girl in just one drama suggests that we need to rethink the way we act.

– Seo Woo Jin’s Mother

Seo Woo Jin is currently playing Kim Tae Hee’s daughter in Hi Bye, Mama! despite actually being a boy, and it was revealed that the reason behind the casting was his shocking resemblance to Kim Tae Hee

The fact that he’s a boy playing a girl became a hot topic of conversation online, and some netizens even criticized the child actor’s mother in worries that this could cause gender identity issues.


Source: Insight