Movie Director Told Hong Soo Ah She Looked Better Before Plastic Surgery and She Had The Perfect Response

On a recent episode of Radio Star, Hong Soo Ah discussed her post-plastic surgery experience of receiving unprompted feedback from a director on her new look.

“We were eating and a director I know said that I was more appealing before the surgeries.”

— Hong Soo Ah


Any actress wouldn’t really enjoy being put on the spot by a director in the public, but Hong Soo Ah was cool, calm, and collected.

Unfazed and confident, Hong Soo Ah retorted:

“So I said, then you should’ve cast me then!”


Hong Soo Ah went on to say that she prefers her new look and that it’s allowed her to play a wider range of roles.

“I always felt that I was being limited as an actor. I was always playing these lighthearted, playful, youngest daughter-like roles. But I wanted access to a wider range of roles, and to play characters with more depth.”

—Hong Soo Ah


She also made everyone laugh with a story of how she wasn’t able to go through airport security because of her changed looks.


Regardless of what that director thinks, Hong Soo Ah seems happy to be herself!


Watch the full clip below.