Famed Movie “The Man From Nowhere” In Talks To Get K-Drama Remake

Who would play Won Bin and Kim Sae Ron’s roles?

Famed movie The Man From Nowhere is reportedly planning on a K-Drama remake version.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, Opus Pictures, the production team of The Man From Nowhere, has recently set up a new project planning to turn the renowned movie into a K-Drama. Currently, they are preparing the script, turning the movie script into a format suitable for a K-Drama version. They are also looking into the production and broadcasting methods, however it is expected that it will be released on an OTT platform such as Netflix or Disney+.

In addition, the movie’s two lead roles, Won Bin as Cha Tae Sik and Kim Sae Ron as Somi, are not expected to appear in the K-Drama version in any capacity. Kim Sae Ron is now too old for the role, and Won Bin is said to have no intentions of appearing in a secondary version of the movie. Industry attention is currently being focused on who the lead actors will be for the K-Drama version.


Source: Osen