Actor Lee Jung Ha To Take The Stage Again, This Time As The New MC For “Music Core”

He takes the stage again for the first time in two years.

Actor Lee Jung Ha has been announced as the new MC for Music Core. Lee Jung Ha saw great success through the Disney+ supernatural drama, Moving.

He cements his reputation as a trending actor and rising star through this appointment. He will be taking over the role from Stray Kids Lee Know and NCT’s Jungwoo. NMIXX’s Sullyoon will continue to MC alongside Lee Jung Ha.

MCs Jungwoo, Sullyoon, and Lee Know.

Lee Jung Ha comes full circle with this appointment. Interestingly, he was an idol trainee before he made his move into acting. The star even auditioned for The Unit, winning hearts with his awkward charm. Even though he didn’t make it to the final debut group, he gained recognition and fans through the survival show.

Netizens congratulated the star on the news.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Bongseokie as MC?
  • He was on an idol survival program. Wonder if this was Bongseok’s wish LOL.
  • I think he’ll do well as he has the idol vibes.
  • Oooooh.
  • Bongseok is so bright, I think he’ll suit it.
  • He seems to suit it somehow.
  • Thinking about how he’ll be smiling like a happy puppy, it’s so cute.

Although he won’t be singing with the stars, Lee Jung Ha will be able to stand on stage as an MC. We can’t wait for the “MC Special Stage,” a tradition for newly appointed MCs.


Source: Theqoo