MrBeast Announces That He Will Host A Real Life Version Of “Squid Game”

He’s selecting contestants from his followers.

Netflix‘s Squid Game has become the hit show of 2021. It remains No. 1 on Netflix worldwide and has taken over all our TikTok FYPs. Viewers have related so much to the contestants that the thoughts of entering themselves if the opportunity was given have definitely entered the minds of many.

“Squid Game” poster. | Netflix

In Squid Game, debt-ridden participants volunteer to compete in a series of childhood games for the chance to win ₩45.6 billion KRW (about $38.1 million USD). Unfortunately, the games have a deadly twist, and the contestants are all competing to the death, like in The Hunger Games.

Guards with contestants in “Squid Game.” | Netflix

Stories such as these are meant to be cautionary tales about human greed, capitalism, and classism. Still, others take a different message and find some inspiration.

VIPs in “Squid Game.” | Netflix

American content creator, businessman, and philanthropist MrBeast (also known as Jimmy Donaldson) has decided to interpret Squid Game in his own way by recreating the show’s concept.

MrBeast. | Casey Neistat/YouTube

If you’re familiar with MrBeast, he often creates viral content, particularly challenge videos, featuring incredible stunts while also giving away large sums of money to people. So, the original concept of Squid Game seems very suited for him.

On October 12, MrBeast posted a TikTok video, teasing the possibility of creating his own Squid Game. He announced that if the video got at least 10 million likes, he would “recreate squid games in real life.”  Considering he has 25.6 million followers on TikTok alone (he has over 70 subscribers on YouTube!), it was an easy feat.


It’s in your hands tik tok

♬ Squid Game – Carrot

In just a day, the TikTok video not only reached the 10-million goal for likes but surpassed the milestone. As of October 14, it has over 16 million and continues to grow.

Screenshot of MrBeast’s TikTok on October 14, 2021. | | @mrbeast/TikTok

He posted an update shortly after, proving that he means it! He says that he will select contestants randomly from TikTok followers.


#stitch comment what number contestant you want to be 🙂

♬ Squid Game – Carrot

He has yet to say exactly how he imagines his Squid Game to be. We certainly hope that he will keep the violence to a minimum… Perhaps, he will just have the participants dress in the iconic green tracksuits with numbers while he and his team are in pink jumpsuits as they compete in similar games, free from the deadly twists. Rather than be literally shot with live firearms, they could be shot with paintballs, lasers, or water to mimic the thriller series.

Guards with contestants on “Squid Game.” | Netflix

MrBeast’s plans are mysterious, but we hope that he has good intentions. He frequently makes donations and gives money to others. We’re excited to hear what he has in store for his version of Squid Game!

| Jeff Cheatham/HCK2

His latest update shared on Twitter indicates that he plans to go all out with it. He really wants to make it accurate to the original, but again we’re hoping…not completely accurate if you know what we mean.

Believe it or not, this wouldn’t even be the first time that Squid Game has been brought to life. The United Arab Emirates is hosting their own version too. Read about it below:

Real Life “Squid Game” To Be Held In The United Arab Emirates

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