Viral YouTuber MrBeast Officially Recreates “Squid Game” IRL, And Sh*t Got Real

It went from fun to serious really quickly!

Since it started airing, the Netflix K-Drama Squid Game has taken over the world, and fans can’t seem to get enough of the dark and complex concept.

“Squid Game” poster | Netflix

It was so loved that, back in October, YouTube sensation MrBeast announced that he was going to be hosting a real-life version of the show with real people competing to win a cash prize.

MrBeast. | Casey Neistat/YouTube

On November 24 (EST), the weeks of planning finally came to an end when MrBeast released the video titled “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!” In this version of the game, there were 456 players all competing to win a whopping $456,000 USD.

As expected, it started with the iconic “Red Light, Green Light” game. Although the set was pretty damn realistic, there would be no deaths. If someone was eliminated, a pack on their chest would burst to replicate the idea of being shot.

Like in the real show, a large majority of the contestants were eliminated, leaving just 232 participants left. They then went on to compete in the class games such as the Dalgona cookie challenge and tug-of-war. Each time, the numbers went down and the chance to win a life-changing amount of money increased.

What started as a bit of fun eventually began to seem more real as it got to the marbles game. Like in the show, most of the contestants were teamed with people they were close to, such as best friends, and had to battle each other.

Even though there was no chance of actual death, as the teams finished their games, the atmosphere definitely changed as things seemed to become more real.

Things seemed even tenser as “glass stepping stones” approached. Like in the game, the pace would be dictated by numbers. The person at the front was at an advantage due to time restrictions. But they were also at a disadvantage due to more of a chance to be eliminated.

Yet, with only minutes left until the end, a conflict started to arise. Like in the game, the player at the front refused to move, scared of his chances of losing and playing mind games with the others. With this, it backed up the rest of the players, who got very agitated as they saw the clock tick.


In the end, the time limit got the best of those at the back, and it showed what can happen to people when they’re in high-pressure situations and money is on the line.

The final game was an edited version of “Squid Game,” which Western fans might be more aware of because it was a game of musical chairs. There was one twist, the participants’ hands would be tied, and each time they were eliminated, the contestants were put into a replica of the show’s coffins.

In the end, player 079 won the game and a life-changing amount of money. The money was given to him in a piggybank similar to that seen on the show.

With the inspiration from the show and director Hwang Dong Hyuk, the replica game was the perfect imitation of the show and portrayed the best and worst parts of the series.

Would anyone ever sign up to play Squid Game? Probably not. However, a replica like this would be something a lot of people would be willing to try, even if just for the experience. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: MrBeast

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