Actress Who Became A Mukbang YouTuber With 9.9 Million Subscribers Hints At How Much She Makes

She was an actress for 14 years!

Former actress-turned-YouTuber Ssoyoung (also known as Han So Young) hinted at how much she makes.

On June 24, Ssoyoung made an appearance on MBN‘s talk show, Dongchimi.

On this day, the YouTuber, who has 9.93 million subscribers, reflected on her success.

My first mukbang video was me eating kimbap. My husband bought it for me. After consistently making videos, I am nearing 10 million subscribers.

— Ssoyoung

Ssoyoung was then asked if she made a lot of money, to which the YouTuber responded by comparing the money she made as a YouTuber to when she was an actress.

It’s different every month. As you all know, it differs by how many views I received. I make more as a YouTuber in a month than I did throughout my 14-year acting career combined.

— Ssoyoung

Meanwhile, Ssoyoung (also known as Han So Young) debuted as an actress in 2004. The actress would go on to star in dramas such as Glamorous Temptation,  Second To Last Love, Father, and I’ll Take Care Of You. She last acted in 2020 drama, My Wonderful Life.

Han So Young in My Wonderful Life | MBC

Ssoyoung has since transitioned to become a mukbang YouTuber, whose 815 videos have been viewed over 1.5 billion times as of this writing. Check out her latest video in the link below.

Source: wikitree