These Upcoming K-Pop Idol Groups Do Not Have A Single Korean Member

They are from Japan, the Philippines and all over the world.

On February 20, the two new K-Pop idol groups, Z-GIRLS and Z-BOYS, released a teaser for their upcoming debut.

These powerful new rookies have been receiving attention from the media not only for their intriguing teasers but for the fact that neither groups have a single Korean member.


The members are known to be from Japan, the Philippines and all around the world.


They will be releasing their track on February 22nd and holding their debut stage on February 23rd at the “Z-POP DREAM LIVE 2019 in SEOUL” at the Jamsil Indoor Gynmasium alongside performances by other artists such as Chungha, Apink and more.


Prior to their debuts, both groups have already begun reality shows so fans could find out more about each member and their talents.


Z-GIRLS has even given a glimpse into their powerful vocals in a recent episode of their reality program where they are busking in Hongdae.


Meanwhile, some netizens have been expressing doubts about the fact that there are no Korean members in a K-Pop group.

  • “Would a K-Pop group with no Koreans be able to become a K-Pop group just because they debut in Korea?”
  • “I don’t think it’s right to work in Korea as a K-Pop idol and not be able to speak Korean…and the fact that having to speak English is becoming so important for K-Pop singers…it’s so sad…”


Others disagreed and expressed that if they were active in Korea, then they were K-Pop singers.

  • “Since they received Korean training, they’re K-Pop singers.”
  • “Even if they’re from different countries, if they’re working in Korea, they’re K-Pop.”


Check out their teasers below:

Source: Dispatch and Naver
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