“Music Bank” Apologizes For Mistakenly Awarding A Win To BLACKPINK Instead Of EXO-SC

The representatives admitted to their error 4 days later.

On the 24th of July 2020’s episode of Music Bank, not only was it the new MCs, TXT Soobin‘s and OH MY GIRL Arin‘s first appearance on the show, it also marked BLACKPINK‘s 11th win with “How You Like That” – until today.

On the 28th of July 2020, Music Bank representatives confirmed through their official website’s bulletin that they had miscalculated the results for the win on the 24th of July. The music station apologized for their oversight and announced that the winners should have been EXO-SC instead of BLACKPINK.

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EXO-SC’s “1 Billion Views” takes first place with a total of 6431 points, followed by BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” with 6080 points.

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Netizens were similarly annoyed by the lack of consideration on the part of Music Bank, who failed to double check the numbers before their announcement.

Others were just happy that their favs got their rightful win.

The situation would have been even more awkward if the teams were there that day. However, thankfully, both BLACKPINK and EXO-SC were not present on the 24th, and the new MCs collected the award on their behalf.

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In other news, BLACKPINK is slated to make a comeback real soon, with teaser images already out and breaking the internet. EXO-SC has also wrapped up a successful round of promotions with their first full length album, 1 Billion Views.

Below is the full translated announcement as uploaded by Music Bank.

Hello, this is Music Bank‘s writers.

On the 24th of July’s live broadcast, due to a calculation error in rankings, we have made an error during the broadcast with regards to the charts. Music Bank K-Chart’s winner for the 4th week of July are corrected to be, Sehun and Chanyeol for first place, and BLACKPINK for 2nd.

The K-Chart is calculated by digital music points (65%) + broadcast count (20%) + viewer’s choice (10%) + physical album sales (5%). Here, in the component for broadcast counts, it is reflected by the times that the song has been played on KBS programs. The error in calculation took place in this component, and after checking agin, we confirmed the mistake in the results.

Hence, we are re-announcing the results for K-Chart. The corrected results can be checked in Magazine K-Chart.

We apologize for throwing the viewers that love Music Bank, as well as both artists, into confusion. In the future, we will do our best to prevent such things from occurring.

Music Bank writers