Music Legend Quincy Jones Played A Crucial Role In MAMAMOO’s Wheein And Ailee’s Friendship

Have you ever heard of this before?

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and soloist Ailee are now labelmates under The L1VE, which VIXX‘s Ravi runs. While both of these vocal powerhouses have been in the industry for years, they haven’t had many interactions before signing to The L1VE, but it turns out that their friendship has been going on for a while now.

Ravi (back), Wheein (left), and Ailee (right) | @aileeonline/Instagram

During The L1VE’s first official get-together, Ravi decided it was time for some label-wide bonding (with all two current members) and had them give each other compliments. Both girls lauded each other’s stage presence, with Wheein even comparing Ailee to Beyoncé.

After Ailee shared how much it meant that Wheein reached out to her after joining the company, she turned to Ravi with a story to tell. She began by explaining that the first time she saw Wheein was during her pre-debut days.

Ravi was, of course, curious about when this might have been, and Ailee revealed that it was because of music legend Quincy Jones.

This all occurred at an after-party in 2013 for a Quincy Jones concert where MAMAMOO performed.

Quincy Jones and Ailee. | @itzailee/Twitter

At that time, MAMAMOO was just “a new girl group” set to entertain.

Ailee revealed that everyone in the room couldn’t help but be charmed by the group’s performance.

After seeing the stage, ‘They’re going to be a hit.‘ I had those kinds of thoughts. That first connection continued on to this day, so I’m really proud.


With all this history and current compatibility, it’s safe to say that the future of The L1VE is looking bright. Did you know about this early interaction between these two incredible performers? Let us know, and to see The L1VE’s first official video, check out the link below: