Musical “Jamie” Starring Jo Kwon, ASTRO’s MJ And NU’EST’s Ren Confirms That An Audience Member Contracted COVID19

Other than the patient, another 9 were called up for testing.

It looks like things for musical Jamie are taking a turn for the worse, despite their success and rave reviews. Last week, they announced that the musical would temporarily be halted due to the spike in coronavirus cases. On the 28th of August, a representative for the musical announced that an audience member who had watched the musical on the 22nd of August had been confirmed as a coronavirus patient.

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It was then revealed that the confirmed patient had a mask on at all times and due to the preventive measures the musical had taken of seating audience members a seat apart, it announced that most audience members should be fine, but should self-monitor their conditions.

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None of the actors including ASTRO‘s MJ, NU’EST‘s Ren and Jo Kwon have come in contact with the patient. However, the 9 audience members who were in the same row as the confirmed patient was said to have been called up for testing and the appropriate quarantine measures.

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The musical has been halted until the 1st of September, subject to change with  further announcements. The spike in coronavirus cases in not only the entertainment industry but all over Korea has forced the country to enter a higher stage of social distancing. Gatherings of over 10 are now prohibited and everyone is advised to stay home when possible.

Source: Mydaily