“My Little Old Boy” Under Fire For Promoting Another Celebrity Business During Seungri’s Scandal Controversy

“They promoted Seungri so much and look what happened.”

My Little Old Boy recently featured Kim Jong Kook and Haha arguing about the promotions for their recent partnership company. For the past two episodes, the two celebrities were in a heated debate over their new brand.


The episode also featured the products themselves as Haha brought them out from the fridge. Although the packaging was blurred out, the brand became a highly searched product.


The boost in sales came from the show’s intentional or unintentional promotion as they continually talked about it throughout the two episodes.


After seeing how Kim Jong Kook and Haha’s brand saw a boost in sales from the show, netizens began criticizing My Little Old Boy for helping celebrities promote their businesses on national TV. They said it was inappropriate to promote celebrity businesses during a controversial time with Seungri’s Scandal.


My Little Old Boy had also allegedly promoted Seungri’s various businesses by featuring him on the show multiple times. The show portrayed Seungri’s luxurious lifestyle as he met up with foreign business partners to talk about his diverse companies.


Considering how Seungri’s businesses became a highly controversial topic related to bribery, prostitution, police cohesion, and more, netizens believe it was wrong for My Little Old Boy to allegedly promote other businesses run by celebrities.

Source: My Daily