“River Where The Moon Rises” Actor Na In Woo Scores New Role In Upcoming K-Drama, “Jinx’s Lover”

He plays a sexy but unlucky brewmaster who falls in love with a literal goddess.

After being widely praised for stepping up to bat for River Where The Moon Rises, rookie actor Na In Woo has bagged yet another drama as the leading man. He has been cast as the male lead for Jinx’s Lover (working title).

Jinx’s Lover is the story about a human male who believes his unlucky life is fate, and accepts it quietly, as well as a goddess that escapes her own land in order to break a curse. When the two meet, a heart-flutteringly sweet yet savage love story will ensue in this one-of-a-kind fantasy romance.

Na In Woo will play a brewmaster, Gong Su Kwang, who owns his own craft beer store. He is a passionate man who works hard and is calm and serious. Although he once lived an eventful and romantic life, when he turned 19, everything changed. Even so, he still remains popular with the ladies as a suave brewmaster.

| Jinx’s Lover

Originally a webtoon, Jinx’s Lover received high scores during its run as a comic. Unsurprisingly, the director is the same as the one who directed River Where The Moon Rises! Previously, the director had promised to work with him once more due to his dedication to their previous work. It will begin filming in the later half of 2021.

Source: Joongang Ilbo