Nam Bora’s beautiful younger sister will be joining Mnet’s Idol School

Actress Nam Bora’s younger sister Nam Sebin will be joining Mnet’s new competition Idol School.

Idol School is a new show that will document the training process of trainees before their official debut. It is accepting applicants from all over the world, even those without prior experience.

The program will help her officially make her debut in the idol world. Just like her older sister, Nam Sebin is full of talents and beauty.

One broadcast official mentioned what made Nam Sebin so special.

“Nam Sebin is more passionate and enthusiastic than others. Like her sister, she is full of star potential.”

— Broadcast Official

The show claims that one only needs to have a beautiful face and the rest will be taught. At the end of 11 weeks, those who graduate from the school will be allowed to debut.

The new variety show is set to launch in July of 2017.

Source: sports donga