Mnet’s Idol School to accept applicants from all over the world

Mnet has opened up worldwide applications for idol hopefuls to join their new program in hopes of fulfilling their dreams.

After announcing the premise of the program and the start of the application period for girl group hopefuls, Mnet released an updated version of their recruitment video, extending the offer to girls worldwide who dream of becoming an idol.

The school is unique in the fact that they will not discriminate based off of vocal and dance skills when accepting applicants. All that is needed is having a strong will and enthusiasm to become an idol.

Students at this school will receive training to become a girl group member and take courses such as “Spirometry Training” and “How to deal with stage accidents”. They will also learn how to eat a balanced diet and incorporate regular exercise to maintain their figures.

It was also revealed earlier that former I.B.I member Haein will be joining Idol School. Right before debuting, Haein left her agency HYWY Entertainment due to her panic disorder and has since been receiving treatment.

Watch Idol School’s worldwide recruitment video below.

Source: Xportnews