Nam Joo Hyuk’s Bullying Controversy Reignited After Court Verdict

The actor has been fighting the allegations for months.

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s accuser in his school bullying case has reignited the controversy.

Nam Joo Hyuk | JoongAng Ilbo

On April 8, Sports Kyung Hyang reported that Nam Joo Hyuk’s accuser has been found guilty of defamation and was ordered to pay restitution. The report then reveals that despite the sentence, the accuser has refused to pay and called on the courts to bring the case to trial.

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According to the report, the accuser’s lawyer formally submitted a request for trial on April 8. The news comes after the courts found the accuser guilty of defamation after they were deemed to have falsified bullying accusations and leaked them to an online media outlet. In that case, the accuser and an employee of the media outlet were ordered to pay ₩7.00 million KRW (about $5,180 USD).

Nam Joo Hyuk has not bullied the accuser in the six years they went to school together. Also, Nam Joo Hyuk did not hang out with other bullies. Therefore, A and B are equally at fault for defaming Nam Joo Hyuk’s character with lies.

— Goyang District Court

In response, the lawyer for Nam Joo Hyuk’s lawyer cast doubt on the judgment.

We object to the part of the judgment stating Nam Joo Hyuk had never bothered his friends. We will work towards finding the truth in court.

— Accuser’s lawyer

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